facial rejuvenation

Combines acupuncture face-lift, facial gua sha massage, and microneedling. 

Ariele's facial rejuvenation technique uses multiple modalities to reprogram the way aging impacts your appearance.


Ariele begins with an assessment of your body's internal age, using Chinese Medical diagnoses to determine your body's overall health. She determines how any imbalances in your body might be showing up on your face, and uses constitutional acupuncture to help to bring your body into balance.


Ariele then performs facial gua sha massage, an incredibly relaxing treatment that stimulates the flow of blood and qi to your skin to improve appearance, reduce fine lines, improve lympatic drainage to reduce puffiness and sagging, and increase the overall elasticity of your skin. Ariele follows this with either acupuncture face-lift or micro-needling... this depends on timing. For best results, micro-needing should be performed every 4 weeks. Acupuncture face-lift can be performed weekly. 


This treatment will absolutely improve the texture, tone, elasticity and appearance of your skin, as well as improve your overall health to slow down and even reverse the way your body is aging. Improving your skin from both the inside as well as the outside dramatically speeds the visible benefits of this treatment. 


  • Alleviate acne caused by hormonal imbalance

  • Diminish larger wrinkles

  • Erase fine lines

  • Improve facial color

  • Increase collagen production and improve muscle tone

  • Lift drooping eyelids

  • Reduce bags and sagging skin

  • Reduce double chin

  • Tighten pores

Introductory - $225

(90 Minutes)

Follow up - $200

(50 Minutes)



Introductory  - $225

(90 Minutes -Full body assessment)

Follow Up - $200

(50 Minutes)


45 minutes - $250

Includes cleanse, microneedling, healing serums