Meet The Therapists

olivia burk

owner | aesthetician

I've been in the healing arts industry since 2011. With a background in massage therapy I love to integrate those techniques and knowledge of the body into my skincare treatments. Creating the perfect balance of relaxation and results. I specialize in sugaring, the gentlest form of waxing, and always try to make your waxing experiences as comfortable as possible. Quick and meticulous is my goal. My biggest passion is helping clients overcome problematic skin, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a skin transformation and the positive effects it has on someone inside and out. The Honey Pot is a true blessing, what started as a seed has blossomed into a whole garden. I can't imagine a more magical place to call my home or a better team to share it with. 

zaphira be


I have been working in the skin and body industry since 2009. I started by obtaining my massage license here in Colorado, later moving to Austin TX to enter into the world of aesthetics. After a quick stint in the south, I landed back here in my hometown of Boulder, CO to work full time as an aesthetician. Although I practice skincare, I incorporate my body work background into my facial services. In addition I was trained in speed waxing - I believe that if one can wax properly and effectively then you've gained a client for life. I believe my background and belief to approach skincare from all angles allows me to work in a well rounded, encompassing way. Customizing every experience with each client. The Honey Pot offers a space for each healer to do their own work and I couldn't be happier to share my passions with you all. 

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shannon reilly



After time spent between Colorado and the Northeast, I've found that Boulder is where I want to plant my roots. I've been in the aesthetics industry for over twenty years, with experiences ranging from spa ownership, working as an aesthetics instructor, to energy work and beyond. Working at The Honey Pot allows me to share my passion in human connection with my clients and this family every day. I am highly skilled in speedy and efficient waxing, botanical facials, and keeping the vibes high :) I look forward to growing and expanding with my clients and this team. 

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Jenna rose marie


Over the years, I have invested my time seeking knowledge in Yoga, Ayurveda, Herbalism, and Oriental Massage Therapy for my own self-healing, not realizing that one day it would become my passion driven career. Shortly after I moved to Denver, I started working in an apothecary where I learned how to make skin care products. This experience guided me into the world of esthetics. I attended the Denver School of Botanical & Medical Aesthetics and finally found a way to put all my passions together. I love helping my clients find the right blend of spa treatments, products, and home care practices to create their own self-love rituals that unearth a more radiant glow. Unearthing the beauty within; the raw beautiful essence of you or as the Veda’s call it; Ojas. Ayurveda explains the Ojas as our radiance: our vigor. It influences everything from our immunity, digestion, physical strength, and the health of our skin to our spiritual inclination, sleep, and mood. It’s the Dew of You! “For those who have health, have hope and those who have hope, have everything.” I believe beauty is not skin deep; true beauty is only as deep as you have met yourself. I am very excited to be able to work amongst the inspiring team of The Honey Pot to provide a deeply relaxing, nourishing, and deliciously organic space for you to enjoy loving yourself even more.

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smylie wescoatt

massage therapist

I came to Boulder after high school in 2001 and was immediately taken by its beauty. Since then I have not been able to stay away for long, returning countless times over the years for schooling, friends, and family. I attended the Boulder Massage Therapy Institute in 2017 and finally achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a massage therapist. I am now licensed in both Hawaii and Colorado. 

Being born and raised in Hawaii with practitioners in the family, I have enjoyed a lifetime of therapeutic touch. Hawaiian style massage called Lomi Lomi, is a gentle form of deep tissue that has a spiritual component. It’s about respect for the body, the mind, and the person’s place in the world. Its main goal is to give the body what it needs to succeed and thrive through a hands on approach. 

I like to practice a mix of Lomi Lomi, Structural Integration, and Craniosacral Therapy; while keeping a respectful mindfulness of all modalities. I strive to maintain balance in these techniques to customize what each body needs! 

I am excited to be part of the Honey Pot family, to share our gifts, and to make the world a better place!

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