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owner | aesthetician

I've been in the healing arts industry since 2011. With a background in massage therapy I love to integrate those techniques and knowledge of the body into my skincare treatments. Creating the perfect balance of relaxation and results. I specialize in sugaring, the gentlest form of waxing, and always try to make your waxing experiences as comfortable as possible. Quick and meticulous is my goal. My biggest passion is helping clients overcome problematic skin, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a skin transformation and the positive effects it has on someone inside and out. The Honey Pot is a true blessing; what started as a seed has blossomed into a whole garden. I can't imagine a more magical place to call my home or a better team to share it with. 

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I specialize in Brazilian Bikini waxing. I have been a licensed esthetician since 2008 and my primary focus has always been waxing. My approach is client comfort and creating a laid back and fun environment. I am an avid yogi, vedic meditation practitioner, and energy worker. I love socializing and hanging with my favorite people, spending time outdoors, and fly fishing!

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Born in the mountains just outside of Boulder, I grew up with bare feet in the dirt and a household full of music and art. Some of my earliest memories consists of playing among the Colorado pines and climbing on the colorful boulders with my sister. Beauty and creativity were always themes, crafting powders out of the rugged Jamestown rocks and adorning one another in our handmade “makeup.”

I have worked as a massage therapist for the last 13 years, helping clients with pain relief, postural imbalances and overall relaxation. After a long rewarding and successful career, I found it was time for a change. Years of getting waxed with harsh skin reactions brought me to sugaring and a lightbulb went off. “THIS. This is it.” I am so excited to bring my love of sugaring to as many people as possible.

Something I love about this craft is having the space to build connections and relationships, and helping clients feel free, empowered and confident in themselves. When I'm not focused on my work at The Honey Pot, I can be found making up new weird nicknames for my Goldendoodle, Annie, spending time outside, cracking jokes to strangers, making jewelry and singing along with my guitar.

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structural integration therapist & Rolfing practitioner

As a competitive Jiu Jitsu athlete, I have experienced firsthand the physical demands and challenges of sports training. My initial exposure to bodywork was during a yoga intensive, where I was introduced to acupressure techniques. This sparked my interest in the potential for significant transformation through seemingly simple hands-on methods. This curiosity, combined with my fascination for the intricate interplay of the physical and energetic aspects of the human body, lead me to graduate from the Academy of Massage and Bodywork and complete a comprehensive Meridian Yoga Teacher training program.

I decided to seek further expertise at the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, earning a certificate in Structural Integration. This was decision was deeply influenced by my personal experience, as Rolfing had significantly improved my own sports performance. It not only helped me prevent injuries but also enhanced my overall athletic capabilities. My professional journey is rooted in a quest for lasting solutions, distinct from the temporary relief offered by traditional massage. My primary objective is to empower clients with enduring feelings of comfort and enhanced mobility in their bodies. Drawing from my background in combat sports, a profound knowledge of the muscular system, and an innate intuitive touch, I aspire to guide my clients towards peak performance and an optimal sense of well-being.

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