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Our Cell Regenerating Cream is the queen of regeneration as it supplies valuable nutrients to the skin.


Restores collagen - responsible for elasticity & youthfulness of skin, eliminates dryness and feels emollient and silky.                     



Anti-Aging Cell Regenerating Cream

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  • Ingredients: Organic oils: jojoba, coconut, olive, rose hip seed, hazelnut & evening primrose; Organic bees wax; Organic herbs: amla berry (nat. source of vit. C), horsetail, green tea, gotu kola, schizandra, dandelion, comfrey, ginseng, cardamom, nutmeg, licorice; Organic bee propolis; Proprietary synergy of organic pineapple, lemon and grapefruit seed extracts; Lemon organic essential oil; Organic food-based vitamins A, E & C.

    Instructions: Apply a very small amount on face and neck after cleansing, if necessary follow with a  Serum for a deeper treatment. Gently massage Moisturizer into the skin. Best for nightime use, if using in the daytime, follow with SPF.


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