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This highly effective mask is easy to use – it is deeply hydrating, soothing & regenerating.


It repairs collagen, refines skin texture & regenerates the skin visibly for a more youthful look.



Anti-Aging Exfoliator /Face Lift

  • Ingredients: Organic whole milk, raw unfiltered honey; Organic oat germ, Organic herbs extracted in Organic glycerin & honey: green tea, schizandra berry, Indian gooseberry, licorice, gotu kola, licorice, elder flowers, chamomile, hamamelis, cardamom, Jamaica flowers, caraway, coriander, fennel, white willow bark; Organic bee propolis; Organic: grapefruit seed extract; Organic essential oils: orange, mandarin & benzoin .

    Instructions: Apply on slightly wet face & massage gently for a few moments. let sit 3-20 minutes & rinse with tepid water. Apply finishing products followed by moisture and SPF during day time use.

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