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Light, hydrating & deeply penetrating. Nourishes and repairs depleted, dehydrated and tired skin.


Excellent as a daytime moisturizer or use it under your Cell Regenerating Cream for extra hydration if you have extremely dry skin.



Anti-Aging Daytime Hydrator

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  • Ingredients Organic oils: hazelnut, borage, evening primrose, avocado, aloe vera, St.John’s Wort; Organic herbs: comfrey, Roman Chamomile, caraway, cowslip, dandelion, elder flowers, fennel, licorice, caraway, orange peel, violet, yarrow; Indian gooseberry (source of natural vitamin C), vitamin A&E; organic essential oils of orange, ylang-ylang, & vanilla.

    Instructions: Apply 3 to 6 drops and massage into skin until absorbed. Use in the morning for more hydration, quick penetration and a light non-oily feeling. Follow with SPF for daytime use.

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