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This product is a favorite of all who are health-conscious, as it is a highly effective and safe alternative to chemical face peels - the effect is a gradual removal of dead skin cells that make the skin look and feel aged. 



Neem Exfoliator

  • Ingredients: Organic buttermilk powder; Raw unfiltered honey; Organic oat germ; Organic herbs: amla berry, alfalfa leaves, papaya leaves, neem, catsfoot, cuckoopint, chamomile, blue bottle, comfrey, cloves; fennel, ginseng, rose hip seeds, parsley, sage; Papaya enzymes; 0rganic essential oils of: lemon, lavender & juniper.

    Instructions: Allow to remain on face from a minimum of 3 to 20 minutes. For best results, it is imperative to wet theexfoliator with warm water to activate the herbs either in the palm of the hand or when product is applied on the face. Wash off when skin tingles.

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