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This oil is carefully formulated to give the skin all necessary factors to regenerate and nourish, thus support healing of rosacea.



Rosacea Daytime Hydrator

  • Ingredients: Pearl water, organic oils of: calendula, St. John‚s Wort, rice bran, coconut & jojoba; organic: beeswax, cocoa butter; organic herbs of: calendula, German chamomile, St. John‚s Wort, gotu kola, elder flowers, slippery elm, marshmallow, hamamelis, horsetail, horse chestnut, white oak bark, tansy, wood sorrel, calendula CO2, bee propolis, Organic food-based.vit. C, A & E,; organic grapefruit seed extract, organic essential oils of helichrysum and German chamomile.

    Instructions: For best results, apply a very small dab on each cheek, and massage gently into skin. If daytime use follow by SPF

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