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Smylie offers a wide range of structural integration in his bodywork treatments. Not your typical "spa massage" but the total body rejuvenation you receive is out of this world.

His technique incorporates styles of Lomi Lomi, Cranio Sacral, and Trigger Point Therapy.

You will remain on your back for the entire session to allow space for breath work and gravity to assist in your treatment. 

Sarah gets right to business in the areas where you carry tension, with enough presence and awareness to still offer a relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Her nurturing demeanor and attunement to subtlety allows for an experience where you feel cared for, tended to, and whole. Sarah strives to build genuine, therapeutic connections with her clients, so that they can enter the space, time and time again, and feel at ease.

60 minute session


90 minute session


120 minute session


3 hour "marathon session"


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